Member benefits

1. Occupational Therapist - $65/year

2. Occupational Therapy Assistant - $55/year

3. Occupational Therapy Student - $35/year

4. OT Retired - $35/year

10+ Great Reasons to Be a Member

1. Ongoing networking opportunities through membership meetings, forum blogs, task groups, continuing education opportunities and more.

2.  Special Interest Sections on Physical Dysfunction, Mental Health and Children & Youth which provide online discussion forums and evening continuing education sessions.

3.  Fall Annual Conference and membership meeting representing all areas of practice and changes in health care and service delivery.

4.  Legislative updates on related state and national bills related to health, education and practice.

5.  Access to an updated online membership directory for New Hampshire occupational therapy practitioners.

6.  Public Relations updates of events in NH.

7.  Yearly recognition awards for outstanding member and citizen contributions to the growth of our practice.

8.  Scholarship support for both students in occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant programs.

9.  Innovative fieldwork projects, practitioner support and faculty development.

10.  Increased understanding on the scope of practice, quality services, and innovative service delivery.

11.  NHOTA promotes skilled NHOTA practitioners to offer community education on a broad range of topics related to wellness and prevention and evidence-based practice.


The mission of the New Hampshire Occupational Therapy Association is to advance the practice of occupational therapy in our state. We will accomplish this mission by supporting OT practitioners with education, mentorship opportunities, and fostering communities.  We will advocate for the profession's growth and quality at the local, state, and national level. NHOTA will raise awareness an educate the public on the unique contributions of occupational therapy.

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